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With voices that can completely mesmerize you, they will ensure you're drawn in with their pure, musical energy. Whether it is a devotional melody or an energetic dance number, we've got everything sorted out for you. Browse through this list of impeccable singers, who are ready to enchant you with all genres of music. Find the best available singers around you now!

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Swing along with their impressive dancing skills. Prepare to move your feet and play along with some energetic beats with the rulers of the dance floor. Whether it is an Indian traditional form or some mind-boggling Western form, these dancers are equipped with talent spanning over multiple genres to put on a power-packed show. Go through the list of many upcoming dance aces around you!

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When it comes to don different attires and characters, they will leave you awestruck with their amazing acting skills. While they've already ruled multiple platforms, they're now all set to rule your hearts. Here's a chance to see them like never before. Check out our list of some of the finest acting talents who are prepared to sweep you off your feet!

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Child Artist

With flawless breath taking skills that are easily admirable, they will simply mesmerize you with their innate artistic talent. While you may have already seen them stealing hearts solely with their cuteness, unbelievable talent and abilities, they also serve as inspirations for many. Browse our list to find the best child artist available around you.